The Sam Grant series is set in Bayfield County, Wisconsin, primarily in the county seat of Ashland and the pretty little tourist town of Bayfield. But the stories also move on and off the Apostle Islands and the Red Cliff Chippewa Reservation on the shores of Lake Superior.

You will find a strong sense of place. These writings hold  an enduring affection for the world’s greatest lake and for the ancient Ojibwe people who hold onto their culture, language and traditional homelands along the bays and islands and estuaries.

My stories are mysteries and I like to do a plot twist here and there, but they are what I would call soft mysteries. In each one, the puzzle creates a context that gives the story unity and a way to begin and end. But I am far more interested in exploring relationships between men and women, between the rational and spiritual biases that live in contradiction inside each of us, between laws and morality, and between modern and ancient views of the world.

A Fog on Spirit Island introduces an interesting Serbian assassin, Mylan Sava, who forces Sam Grant - half Ojibwe and half Jewish – to confront his lifelong inability to reconcile his rational tendencies with the powerful calling of the Ojibwe spirit world.

Stars Like Diamonds is part romance, part science, and part mysticism. Can a budding young scientist and a Pottawatomie spirit reader find consensus? Just how far apart are quantum physics and native spiritualism? Maybe not as far as we think. In this book there is a big decision to be made, a choice between what is legal and what is best. How would you make it?


The Standing Bear begins as a cold case. Seventeen years ago, a breathtakingly beautiful Ojibwe dancer disappeared along with her 4-year-old daughter. Grant may be the only person who can ferret out the secrets hidden within centuries-old tribal customs, clans and loyalties.

While finishing this woman's story, Grant will discover it is his story as well, and he must confront his own cynicism built up over decades of covering slaughter in the world most forgotten places.

Somehow this cold case investigation becomes a powerfully uplifting love story guaranteed to melt the coldest heart. Read the last two chapters with a tissue. And enjoy.

David Fuselier

Published by

Passage Island


All rights reserved

DAVID FUSELIER’S 34-year career in journalism spanned ten newspapers in six states. He began as a reporter for the Cincinnati Enquirer and ended up a city editor, editor and finally a publisher before retiring to his vineyard and winery in Colorado and his lake home in Bayfield County, Wisconsin. Overseas he worked in Italy, Greece and Turkey and he covered the religious conflicts in Belfast and the IRA bombings in London. He has taken his C-dory into every cove and cranny of Lake Superior.